Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catching up...

So.... I haven't had enough time to think let alone Blog about it. So with the 3 day holiday weekend I have some time on my hands and thought that I would catch up...

We got up at 7am so we could get to the injections class on time. We arrive and there is one other couple already there. We waited for the others to show and DH and I sat there and made some light jokes about the situation.

They gathered us all up and we headed downstairs (in silence). We all sat down and got started. We were the only ones to bring the "required" materials- Our meds, needles, paperwork and an orange. So we waited for another nurse to bring the paperwork down for those "other" people UGH!!

So we learned about the "cycle steps" and when to call and what to do. The nurse "reminded" all the couples that there is no drinking, smoking, or caffeine allowed during a treatment cycle. One of the other girls asked "is that just for the girls?... or the guys too?"

Uh.... they told us MONTHS ago that BOTH people had to be "clean"... the other husbands didn't seem to happy with that information! "It's football season!!" one husband said- LOL!!

So DH and I were the most experienced couples there.... we knew the most about our reproductive health and how to mix and give injections and when to call (did NOBODY else read the information and watch the video like they TOLD us to do?!?!?!)

So I look at my needles... no sub-q needles.... "um.... I don't have any sub-q needles" Nurse " let me see.... that's because Dr, Murray wants you to take your repronex in your arm, in the muscle"..... (nice)

So I pouted that I had to take more shots in the muscle(the HCG trigger is intramuscular) and while I did that the lady that asked if her husband was allowed to drink and smoke had a sheepish grin on her face (bitch)... then the nurse went on to talk about the HCG trigger and informed the biotch that it must be done intramuscular- Ha Ha!!!! You have to suffer too!!!

Then another woman from across the table said "I don't have any sub-q needles either" and I made the connection- weight. She was overweight and so was I, I didn't need to ask... but she did. The nurse skirted around the fact.... "um....size"... she said (and didn't want to)

So... because I'm FAT I have to take all my shots in the muscle because it absorbs better that will all that fat...bleh...

So... then we talked about what to do after the IUI- Wait 5-7 days then have your progesterone tested (pick up the supplements if necessary) then wait till 16 days after the IUI and if you have NOT got your period, you can take a HPT. If there is a + then you continue the progesterone (if necessary) and come in for 3 betas (every-other day) If there isn't a + HPT then you quit your progesterone and wait to start the cycle all over again.

Then we got to the part where the nurse told us NOT to get too excited about the + HPT because "a lot can happen".... We talked about what they will do if that happens and it was all a little much.

The good thing was that the couples in the class were very diverse (2-35+ and 2 less than 35. 2 overweight and 2 average size. One couple had a baby through the RE already and was there for #2- It was nice to know that "it's not just you and it's not your fault)

Then.... everything hit me... we are still NOT PREGNANT and we NEED this help.... UGH.... we were supposed to meet a couple for brunch-canceled. We were supposed to go to a friends BBQ-Canceled on them too. We went home to sleep.

I was so tired after a week of work that when my alarm went off.... I didn't know what day it was... so maybe my feeling down had something to do with needing sleep... but that's all I did that day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy Weekends.....


We had friends over on Friday night.... ended up staying up all night playing the Wii and talking! We played the "in bed" game where you add "in bed" to the end of your fortune cookie.... "pleasure requires company- In bed" LOL!!!!

We had breakfast at IHOP the next morning YUM!!!

Then in the HEAT (105) we decided that we NEEDED a pool- Target $9.... best nine bucks EVER!!!

We filled the pool and put it in the garage- FUN!!! Then when it got cool, we used the hose and got the water out of the water heater (ahhhhh)

Sunday spent the day in another pool (adult size) and celebrated a 1 year old's birthday.

I actually heard DH say to a friend, "maybe this time next year we will be having a baby shower at our house".... his friend said "we all hope so!"

Ahhhhh! <3

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I forgot...

What CD it was WOW!!!!

I have not been charting and all and here we are (on what, took a lot of thinking to figure out) is CD11 and I couldn't remember it! (cool)

I guess I have that "just don't think about it" thing going on that all those "fertiles" talk about. If I don't get pregnant this month I am going to send a BIG FAT "I TOLD YOU SO" to those know-it-all bitches (even the ones that I love)

It feels good. It's easy to forget this cycle... because the reality is that next one the RE will be taking over and it's not up to me THANKS DR MURRAY!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Injections that is~!~

Went well.... hit me WAY harder emotionally than I thought.

Will report more later (must exercise[more on that later too] then get some sleep- 20 seven year olds take it out of you)


Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am soooo done with "trying to conceive"... I think that this month we will not chart, temp, take the supplements, time sex and all that stuff.

I will keep my CBEFM running because I only have 5 sticks left and they won't work with the Repronex and Clomid so I might as well use them..

So this month will probably be the month, because I "just relaxed"-GAG!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It WASN'T spotting... A few hours later it was my period.

I told you I don't spot.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ummmm... in the year that we have been TTC... I have NEVER spotted. I never spot after an exam, after sex, before my period-NEVER!

So... here I am on what I *think* is CD29 and 7DPO (I can't tell with my chart the way it is-I should temp the next few days)...

All I can think is WTF?!?!?!

I don't spot and here I am trying to NOT start my period so I can take my injections class and also trying to plan my pre-med ultrasound because I have to call a sub for the day.... and hello spotting UGH!!

I can only HOPE that it is implantation spotting (there is always hope.... or so I've been told)

Friday, August 1, 2008


It has been a LONG time since I have felt that way! Even in High School... Fridays were nothing to celebrate with football games that usually ran late and a 6am call time again Saturday mornings.

But.... here I am SCREAMING TGIF!!!

My first week as a student teacher is officially over and I can't wait to sleep, catch up, plan and actually SEE my husband (ahhhh). For the first time in our year of TTC, instead of saying "wanna have sex?" my husband said "we need to breed"..... um... LOL!!! Too funny... because that is how I felt!!! I didn't want to "make love" or "mess around" or "have sex" or "F*ck" even... breeding was the perfect term! LOL!!

On another note... It's CD 18 right now... and I haven't gotten a HIGH yet on the CBEFM.... so that means that O is at least 3 days away.... looks like I won't have to worry about getting into that injections class.... my O is doing all the work for me. ; )