Sunday, January 27, 2008

The 1st Grandchild

I have always been the "pack leader" of my siblings. I was the first one to graduate from college, the first to get married, the first to buy a house..... but there was one first I missed.

Having the first grandchild.

When I found out that my FSIL was pregnant I realized that DH and I would not be having the first baby in the family. I kinda hurt, not because I wasn't happy for them, but because I somehow thought that FBIL & FSIL would be taking part in something extra special. The first baby in the family.

The truth was that I was jealous.... plain and simple.... yup! Green eyed monster.

I wanted to be the first, I wanted to have the baby! DH and I were together for five and a half years at that point and getting married in months. I always thought that it would be us.

Fast forward a few months and it's now time for her to have the baby! I was so excited and happy to be meeting this little person, and welcome him to the world! Then I realised..... that my jealousy had mysteriously disappeared! Like that lost sock that you will never find, it was GONE!

The baby is perfect and I was a new "Auntie" as SIL puts it.....

Now I look at my life and I am thankful that SIl had that coveted 1st grandchild! Besides the fact that I love him to death.... I have someone to go to...... I have someone close to me that can tell my what to expect, and what to buy, what to avoid..... I can get the "Cliff's notes" version of what I can expect when I get pregnant. And I know that my baby will be special too!

Oh..... and the best part is kissing and squeezing little "Blue Eyes" here..... then promptly returning him to his mommy when he gets fussy! Ahhhhhhh the joys of being an "Auntie"

The dollars and cents of it all....

Now that I have been at this TTC thing a while..... it got to me.... the ammount of money that I have spent thus far trying to get pregnant.

We won't mention the hundreds of dollars worth of BCP or the one time I needed the morning after pill.... those stats would throw it all off...

TCOYF= $24
Green Tea=$45
Dr's Co-pays=$60

It ads up to a little over $500!!!! WOW!!! That is how much it would have cost me for L&D!

Oh well.... I guess if I want to become a parent, I should get used to throwing the $ away!

Monday, January 21, 2008

My first try...

Here it is..... my first post in my new "Blog"... we shall see how it goes...
I guess all things get better with practice and time (including getting pregnant!)