Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh... the irony....

"Relax and you will get pregnant!" "Maybe stressing yourself out is causing your infertility"


So we have been TTA for a few weeks now because the RE said to..... I haven't been charting either.

They said to call when I finish my antibiotics (which were no walk in the park! Headaches and GI trouble....yuck!)

So I called thinking that with my cycle history, if the RE can get me in, we may have a chance at getting pregnant this month!!!

I called..... they never answered and when they did call back..... the 1st available appointment is for 3 weeks away......CRAP!!! Guess this month is definitely out..... oh well....

I run back up to check my CBEFM and throw the stick away....... PEAK..... WTF?! I haven't been Oing till CD20...... and here.... in the middle of a TTA cycle...... a PEAK on CD12.... meaning I am ovulating an entire week early......

While the humor is all I have right now...... it's really not that funny.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ohhh I Almost Forgot!!

Because of the Mycoplasma being a serious infection when it comes to reproductive health.... it HAS to go!

I looked over the information from the RE and it says that DH and I have to abstain until we get a - test result.

I guess it shouldn't matter, but there goes another month where there is NO chance that we could get PG..... and depending on the speed of the RE's office it may be almost two months.

I have to call when I finish taking my antibiotics and schedule another test..... the last time it took almost a month to get it..... so here's hoping that the next appointment will come quicker than the last!

(did I say June....?........ I meant to say July.... yeah... yeah... July, here I come!!!)

It's Just Us....

Here we are in our lives; me, DH, our two dogs…… and our Mycolpasma!

Yeah, I didn’t know what is was either! Apparently it is a bacteria that resides in the vagina, cervix and penis that can be passed back and forth from both partners.

The clincher was that, according to my RE it causes infertility and miscarriages….. yet I had never heard of it. SCARY!

So…. Now we BOTH have to take antibiotics and get rid of this, then go back to the RE and make sure that it is gone, then wait for the next cycle and THEN schedule an HSG….
I guess that I am glad that I listened to my online friends when they said to call the RE sooner rather than later…. This little discovery pushes back our testing at least a month if not more, depending if the Mycoplasma is gone.

At the current rate, from the 1st phone call to the DRs office, to the time that we actually see the RE…. it’s about 5 months. The worst part of it all…… you can’t get ANY test results till you see the RE…. June, here I come!!